Hang Time


Detroit Airport

(this thread is for Steph)

I don’t bring a book on the plane when I fly.  I bring five books.  Because I never know what I’ll be in the mood to read!  Yesterday, however, I did very little reading.  We (my husband, oldest son and I) are headed to a family wedding in Pennsylvania, one in which I am playing the piano.  My schedule had not allowed much practice time, so I practiced on the plane.  In my mind…..

I know that sounds bizarre, but desperation drives one to new, um, heights. 

I have been fixated on Steph’s incredible rendition of O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus.  How I want to mimic her playing!  (Her singing too, but we’ll have to wait for glory for that transformation.)  With my ear buds in, I played the song over and over, analyzing, meditating…straining to listen.  Realizing that my brother’s voice is higher than Steph’s, and knowing he’d want to sing it in Gm or Am, I tried to piece out the chord structure.  At least I got the bass notes.

And regretted the choice I made one year to take French IV instead of Music Theory.  How I regret not taking Music Theory.  Was that an augmented chord with a G bass, or a diminished chord, or just a sixth? It will be an adventure this afternoon when I get to a piano to see how close I came!

Nevertheless, it was a potent exercise in listening.  Really listening.  And that’s why I’ll never forget the trip from Boise to Salt Lake City, from Salt Lake City to Detroit, and from Detroit to Pittsburgh.

Thanks, Steph.  Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou.  You were a great travel companion.  Next year in Jerusalem, so to speak, eh?